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D5.6 Dissemination Workshop II

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D5.6 Dissemination Workshop II

Daniel Thiemert (ECMWF)

On 3rd September 2021, the second of two dissemination workshops sharing the ESCAPE-2 progress with the wider weather, climate and computing community was held. Due to ongoing restrictions surrounding the COVID-10 pandemic, the workshop was help virtually. Over 70 participants attended the workshop.
The first part of the workshop was dedicated to introducing the results of the development work packages:

  • WP1: Mathematics and algorithms
  • WP2: Programming models and DSL
  • WP3: Weather and Climate Benchmarks: HPCW
  • WP4: VVUQ

The second part was dedicated to international efforts related to the ESCAPE-2 project:

  • Uptake of ESCAPE-2 by ESiWACE-2
  • UK Excalibur exascale initiative
  • DoE E3SM developments
  • WMO Research Board action on Exascalet
  • Vulcan developments