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ESCAPE-2 Deliverables

 Number Title
Due Date
D1.1 A semi-Lagrangian DG dwarf 30/03/2020 Confidential
D1.2 A semi-implicit, semi-Lagrangian DG prototype dynamical core 30/05/2021 Confidential
D1.3 A report on identification of local data recovery approaches suitable for weather and climate prediction applications 30/03/2020 Public
D1.4 Fault tolerant implementations of GMRES 30/12/2020 Confidential
D1.5 Multigrid and multilevel technology based IFS-FVM model 30/05/2021 Confidential
D1.6 Training & preliminary validation of the ANN for the physical parametrization of radiation 30/05/2021 Confidential
D1.7 Extract and provide a list of representative algorithmic motives in the form of weather and climate dwarfs 30/06/2019 Confidential
D1.8 Complement the list of dwarfs with novel concepts 30/12/2020 Public
D2.1 High-level domain-specific language (DSL) specification 30/03/2019 Public
D2.2 DSL front-end to parse DSL into high-level intermediate representation (HIR) 30/09/2019 Confidential
D2.3 High-level intermediate (HIR) representation specification 30/09/2019 Public
D2.4 Demonstration of domain specific language toolchain for selected weather and climate dwarfs 30/09/2020 Public
D2.5 Implementation of comprehensive domain specific language toolchain 30/05/2021 Public
D2.6 Report on the usability and performance of applying DSL toolchains in weather and climate prediction 30/09/2021 Public
D3.1 Set of v0-reference benchmarks 30/03/2019 Confidential
D3.2 Assessment of the evaluation and verification tools based on the v0-benchmark configurations 30/09/2019 Public
D3.3 Installation and initial correctness assessment of the above set of v0.n-benchmarks on the available hardware 30/09/2020 Confidential
D3.4 Synthesized Tier-1 models by Kronos and dwarfs replacing selected model components in Kronos 30/09/2020 Confidential
D3.5 Full HPCW suite v1.0 30/09/2021 Public
D4.1 Definition of common and generic framework for subsequent VVUQ assessments 30/06/2019 Public
D4.2 Assessment of the URANIE VVUQ performance for the Lorenz-95 pseudo-model 30/09/2019 Confidential
D4.3 Upgraded workflow management environment for URANIE that allows running large-scale applications in parallel and on large HPC node allocations 30/12/2019 Confidential
D4.4 Assessment of the URANIE VVUQ performance for the weather and climate radiation dwarf 30/03/2020 Confidential
D4.5 Implementation and assessment of degree-of-freedom reduction techniques for URANIE, and relevant code enhancements 30/09/2020 Confidential
D4.6 Full-system sized ensemble forecasts within URANIE framework, assessment of the corresponding VVUQ indicators, and assessment of the computing performance 30/09/2021 Public
D5.1 Plan for Dissemination and Communication 30/11/2018 Public
D5.2 Plan for Gender Balance 30/01/2019 Public
D5.3 Web Portal including Software Collaboration Platform 30/01/2019 Public
D5.4 Summer school 30/03/2020 Public
D5.5 Dissemination workshop I 30/09/2019 Public
D5.6 Dissemination workshop II 30/11/2020 Public
D6.1 Quality Manual, Risks Register: Manual describing procedures for managing quality during project. Risk register tracking type, level, responsibility, mitigation measures 30/11/2018 Confidential
D6.2 Exploitation Plan (EP): Plan identifying types of potential pathways of market- oriented exploitation, converting or transforming knowledge will be identified, together with key factors for a successful innovation management 30/09/2019 Confidential
D6.3 Exploitation Plan after closure: Strategy for defining measures for exploitation “after the project” phase, providing evidence of best practices in capturing and assessing IPR 30/09/2021 Confidential