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Project structure

The project activities are organised around four technical and two cross-cutting work packages (WPs), the latter being dedicated to the dissemination and training, and to the overall project and risk management. Training will focus on filling the above mentioned gap between science and hardware specific code levels by employing the newly developed DSL toolchain to key algorithmic motives and applying it to achieve performance portability of novel mathematical concepts as developed in ESCAPE-2. The work package interactions are illustrated in the figure to the right, with WP1 providing a diverse range of relevant algorithmic motives (weather and climate dwarfs) for defining and working with a comprehensive domain-specific language (DSL) toolchain (WP2). The subsequent integration in benchmarks for weather and climate prediction, and the progressive development of a domain-specific HPCW benchmark as well as back-integration of the output of the DSL toolchain into models is done in WP3. VVUQ concepts to both weather and climate dwarfs as well as full prediction system workloads are applied in WP4. Dissemination and training (WP5) will encompass elements from all technical work packages. 

Project Number: 800897
Topic: FETHPC-02-2017 - Transition to Exascale Computing
Start Date: 1st October 2018
Duration: 36 months
EU Funding: EUR 3,999,650.00