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Project partners

The ESCAPE-2 consortium comprises one international European organisation, three national meteorological centres, two university, two HPC centres and one hardware vendors. This composition ensures that the relevant expertise is well covered by the consortium:
  • the scientific and technical expertise along the value chain of novel accelerator hardware, programming environment, weather and climate application software, and performance/energy efficiency diagnostics;
  • the representation of the world-leading European global and key regional weather centres translating the benefits of ESCAPE-2 into substantial societal benefit.
This combination of technical and scientific excellence as well as experience will support early and sustained progress towards the primary objective of redefining a leading application towards energy efficiency required for the exascale. This objective cannot be fulfilled with a less experienced team. Each partner brings a particular expertise needed for the successful development and deployment of the project’s outcome. Several partners have already worked together and there is substantial experience working in an international and multi-disciplinary context thus ensuring strong synergies within the team and an efficient implementation of actions.